Julsalong 2023

LINKÖPING & ONLINE 26/11 - 7/1

The traditional Christmas salon is here with a warming mix of classic, modern and contemporary art. The opening weekend wrapped the gallery in a magical atmosphere set to music by The Bauer Quartet & Lisa Bauer through the launch of the John Bauer Collection by Helle Bang and now we look forward to a salon filled with exciting news. Throughout the month of December, the gallery is filled with wonderful art.

Classic and modern works by GAN, Inge Schiöler, Bruno Liljefors, Zorn, John Bauer and more invite you to an exciting visit to the gallery in Linköping in harmony with a tickling mix from our contemporary artists. An opportunity for the art lover and collector to experience the best we have to offer in painting, glass and sculpture.

Every Saturday we invite you to celebrate Advent in the gallery with warming mulled wine! In addition, Eric Hjelmberg guides you through some of the gems in the classic collection.

Extra Midday open in the gallery 26-30/12!

Welcome to the Christmas salon heat!

Selected contemporary collections

See the works with your own eyes in the gallery in Linköping and here online. Click on picture & name to see all the artist's works in the catalogue.

Eric Hjelmberg's gems

Follow along as Eric guides you through some of the gems in the classic and modern collection

Eric Hjelmberg's gems

Join us as Eric guides you through some of the gems in the Christmas Salon catalog with wonderful stories about why the pieces are special and what's behind them!

In the picture, he shows two of Robert Hilmersson's new works in wonderful pop art. "Foxy Lady" playfully painted in acrylic on canvas and frame and "How lucky am I?" in nice large format. For the Christmas Salon, we are showing several exciting collections by contemporary artists in the gallery in Linköping and here online!

See our mixed fine art catalog with classic and modern works at the link below:


Yrjö Edelmann - Wrapping Paper

Edelmann's paintings are illusionistic with a bright color scale, influenced by American photorealism. He is best known for his very special trompe-l'œil motifs, where his super-realistic motifs of crumpled paper, envelopes and napkins have attracted great international interest. The motif "Wrapping Paper" was painted in 1989 and has all the attributes that characterize a really fine Edelmann. A work worth viewing with your own eyes in the gallery!

Lennart Jirlow - At the table for the tasting menu

Lennart Jirlow (1936 – 2020) was one of our most valued naivists. His colorful works created poetic depictions of everyday environments including restaurants, blooming gardens and stage settings. The sun of Southern Europe shines through the works and the pleasantly round figures are smiling contentedly, an affirmation of life that spreads joy to the viewer.

Helle Bang - John Bauer Collection Edition 36

An exclusive edition of 11 bronze sculptures created as a tribute to the Swedish artist and illustrator John Bauer. The Danish artist Helle Bang has been inspired by the fairy tales that John Bauer made so famous and has carefully designed these tasteful figures with her own hands. Bauer himself was tragically only 36 years old, but despite his short time on earth he managed to shape the image of how we view the classic fairy tales. A world of images that live on over a hundred years later and are more sought after than ever.

Anders Zorn - After the bath

In the late 1880s, Zorn began working in the genre that would increasingly become his signature, outdoor nudity. The combination of light and water was something that had long interested him and the motifs were complicated by placing a model next to or in the water, with the aim of depicting a synthesis between man and nature. In "Efter Badet" a woman is depicted who, barefoot, carefully walks up from the lake where she has just taken a bath. It is summer, the sun is breaking out and a finely tuned play of light characterizes the subject.

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