Nadine Nasch Schjölin


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Nadine Nasch Schjölin's (b. 1994) creations are a tribute to unrestrained creativity and offer the viewer an inner search for true balance and harmony. The expressive motifs are painted with strong, large strokes and strong colors in layer upon layer. From the chaotic, patterns emerge through contrasts in light and dark. The colors lift each other and a fine-tuned interplay expands. Finally, harmony and balance emerge. Nadine's painting is a tribute to creativity, to entering a world where everything is possible without being inhibited by the results of the past. The paintings are like mirrors, unique to everyone who looks at them. There is no right or wrong, no requirements for what to feel and experience, it just is and it is beautiful. Nadine Schjölin has already established herself well as an artist at a young age and we see her as very exciting for the future.

Technique: Oil on canvas
130 x 95 cm

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For Nadine Nasch Schjölin, painting is about letting go, being in the present, following your impulses and just existing. The paintings reflect her way of seeing; looking inward to reflect the outside world. It should be free, playful, open, undemanding, and colorful. Nadine believes that the power of creativity is our main ability. It works on so many levels and has no limitations. It is the process from thought to idea to physical work. It is healing, like entering another world where anything is possible. She loves being there and just breathes in the love.


Many of Nadine's paintings are so free that we can both look at and hang them in different directions. She wants there to be space for the viewer to feel in and dream away for themselves.

The paintings are like mirrors and give unique answers to each person who looks at them. There is no right or wrong, no requirements for what to feel or experience, it just is, and it is beautiful. Nadine's way of creating has grown out of a protest against inner perfectionism

"My way of creating and being grew out of a protest against my inner perfectionist, when I was a child, I loved to draw realistically, a direct reflection of what I saw in the smallest detail. If it didn't turn out as I had planned, I threw the piece. Overly dramatic, I couldn't appreciate what was and I only saw the mistakes. When I think back, I laugh at the little me and yet she is still there. I have learned to see the whole thing, appreciate everything that becomes. I'm drawn towards contrasts, light and dark, when colors lift each other and interact into a beautiful dynamic, that's a bit how I live, I love change, movement is what makes me grow and expand, find a balance in it."

"It is not intended that we should limit ourselves, put up walls, relate to some conclusion that the past has created. I try to erase my own limited thoughts, sometimes I fall there but I trust that force within me, which bubbles and takes me forward, which gives nourishment and peace.”

- Nadine Nasch Schjölin


That who's odd, stands out and goes its own way is close to Nadine's heart. She has always loved to challenge herself and push the boundaries. As a child, she wanted to be the best at everything from skating to dancing, singing, and creating.

"I can't see myself doing anything other than art. It has always been there very naturally from childhood as I was raised in an artistic family. I have seen my mother Åsa Eriksson paint since I was a little baby, just as now my own little ones have been allowed to join the studio."