Christina Ridgeway

When I Believed in Magic (All I Could See Was You)

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Christina Ridgeway (född 1987) är en amerikansk konstnär inom magisk realism som bor och är verksam i Falköping, Västra Götaland. Ridgeway har målat sedan barnsben då hon växte upp intill skogen i Maryland, USA. I den gåtfulla naturen fann hon en känsla av magi, mystik och fridfullhet som letat sig in i hennes symbolrika måleri.

Hon beskriver sina målningar som berättelser vars ord eller meningar inte alltid är kristallklara - precis som i de gamla sagor vi fick höra när vi var små. Den avbildade skogens öppenhet och den vilda symboliken dröjer sig kvar som gåtor i betraktarens sinne och låter sig vecklas ut under lång tid. ”Jag väljer känslor och situationer, både bra och dåliga, och strävar efter att artikulera dem på ett vackert och ibland även mörkt vis i måleriet.” Ridgeways konstnärskap blir ett slags alkemisk förädling där sinnesintryck förvandlas till skönhet och förundran på duken. Christina Ridgeway är aktiv konstnär sedan början av 2010-talet och har ställt ut och curerat utställningar runtom i världen. Ridgeway är primärt autodidakt och har även studerat vid Svenska Akademin för Realistisk Konst (SARA).

Olja på duk
Storlek: 60 x 45 cm exkl. ram

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Christina Ridgeway (born 1987) grew up next to the woods in Maryland, USA and has been painting since childhood. In the enigmatic nature, she found a sense of magic, mystery and peacefulness that began to find its way into her painting. Her artistry balances poetically between an ancient mythological expression and the modern day. She has worked professionally as an artist since 2011 and has both exhibited and curated exhibitions around the world, not least in her native USA where she has attracted interest from gallerists and art buyers. She is primarily self-taught but has also studied at the Swedish Academy of Realistic Art (SARA).

"The forest embodies magic. There is something mysterious and open about it, as if anything could happen there. That feeling doubled when I met the Swedish forest."

- Christina Ridgeway -


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The openness of the depicted forest and the wild symbolism linger like riddles in the viewer's mind and allow themselves to unfold for a long time. "In painting, I strive to articulate both positive and negative emotions and situations in a beautiful and sometimes dark way." Ridgeway's artistry becomes a kind of alchemical refinement where sensory impressions are transformed into beauty and wonder on the canvas.

"People have told me about all kinds of things they see in my pictures. They find something in the symbolism that resonates on a very personal level for them. It's about creating a story that is open to the viewer to find for themselves, like the old folktales that we were told when we were little."

- Christina Ridgeway -



Christina Ridgeway paints a spellbinding world where symbolism, fantasy and magic meet realistic elements from the natural world. On the screen, stories are created where worlds, characters and destinies meet in an enchanting reality. The details are extremely skillfully produced and the multi-layered depth in the images allows us to enter an enigmatic dimension where only you have the answers. What do the paintings tell you?