Salvador Dalí

Triumphant elephant

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Salvador Dalí (1904-1989) was one of our greatest modern artists and an icon of surrealism. Dalí's fantastic expression in paintings, sculptures, films and writings helped to cement the identity of Surrealism. Drawing inspiration from Freud's psychoanalysis, Einstein's theory of relativity, impressionism and Renaissance painting, Dalí rendered symbolist, fantastical creatures and landscapes. Few artists have had such a peculiar universe as Salvador Dalí, where an imaginative mix of madness executed with technical perfection and precision reigns. His painting "The Persistence of Memory" from 1931 is one of the most famous works of art of all time. Dalí lived as he created - in constant movement, in search of immortality.

The elephant, Dalí's symbol of the future, is one of his favorite images and often depicted with objects on its back. Dalí undermines the idea that the elephant is heavy and strong by giving it impossibly long and weak legs. There is a sense of otherworldliness as Dalí's elephants defy the laws of nature and move gracefully, effortlessly. The elephants first appeared in his 1944 painting "Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening". The sculpture The Triumphant Elephant is one of the artist's most iconic motifs. On the elephant's back is an angel, a figure that also often appears in Dalí's work. In Dalin psychology, the messenger represents the subconscious that guides man through life. The elephant raises its trunk in triumph and the jubilant herald mirrors this act, trumpeting success and hope for the future. Dalí's fascination with elephants was so great that when Air India commissioned him to create a souvenir in 1967, Dalí presented a porcelain ashtray; a swan that turned into an elephant when turned upside down. In lieu of payment, Dalí asked for a baby elephant flown from Bangalore to Geneva.

Size: Height 53 cm
Technique: Sculpture, lost wax
Material: Bronze
Edition: 350
Caster: Perseo, Switzerland
Year: Created by Dalí in 1975 and the first work in the series was cast in 1984.

Signed and numbered. Certificates from The Dalí Universe and Perseo accompany the sculpture.
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An exclusive exhibition with the surrealist master Salvador Dalí is now taking place at Galleri Melefors. In January, you have the chance to experience spectacular sculptures by one of the biggest names in art history. Step into Dalí's incredible world!




Salvador Dalí - "Dance of Time III"
Bronze, Height 26.5 cm, Edition 265/350

The melting clock is Dalí's most recognizable signature and has become an absolute icon of modern art. He returned to the image repeatedly during his lifetime and as an artist has become almost synonymous with the mysterious symbol. He himself was obsessed with the concept of time. The clock illustrates an important theme in Dalí's world; the contrast between hard and soft, which became a central preoccupation throughout his life. It also points out that time, a seemingly stable rhythm, can be experienced as fluid.





Salvador Dalí - "The Anthropomorphic Cabinet (Medium)"
Bronze, Height 32 cm, Edition 257/330

The creation of a bronze sculpture is an intricate but rewarding process. It can take several weeks of careful collaboration between the artist and the foundry before the sculpture is completed. Bronze sculptures are usually produced via a delicate process known as "lost wax" or "Cire Perdue". This prestigious method has its roots in ancient antiquity and can be dated as early as 5,000 years before Christ. The meticulous technique is still used today to create important and high-quality sculptural art with long-term value and artistic perfection.



Salvador Dalí - "Profile of Time"
Bronze, Height 51 cm, Edition 350

Salvador Dalí - the genius of surrealism - was a master in several mediums: painting, drawing, etching, design and not least sculpture. These limited edition bronze sculptures illustrate the artist's mastery and ingenious talent in the art of creation. The collection includes some of the most iconic images created by Salvador Dalí: Dance of Time, Alice in Wonderland, Space Venus and Woman Aflame, just to name a few. Each sculpture is signed and numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.



Salvador Dalí grew up in northern Spain in the early 20th century and studied art in Madrid as a youth. As early as the 1920s, he began to approach surrealism as an artistic expression and soon became the movement's most prominent talent and face, thanks in large part to his obvious aptitude for marketing himself in the new TV era. In 1940, Dalí moved to the United States where he began to experience commercial success. In addition to his artistic skills and innovative ideas, he became known from an early age for his distinctive style of clothing and eccentric personality. His works of art, which in addition to painting and sculpture also include film, photography, design and graphic art, have become some of the most monumental creations in art history.