Bengt Lindström - One of Sweden's Greatest Artists

Bengt Lindström - En Av Sveriges Största Konstnärer

Bengt Lindström - One of Sweden's Greatest Artists

Bengt Lindström was born in 1925 in the village of Storsjö kapell, Jämtland and died in 2008 in Sundsvall. He is known as a visual artist and has had a great impact with his pasty abstract spontaneity painting with strong colors and distorted faces.

Bengt Lindström Artist Melefors Art Gallery Bengt Lindström moved to Ramsås in Säbrå county in 1935. He took his matriculation exam in Härnösand and in 1944 moved to Stockholm, where he studied for a short period at Konstfack in Stockholm and then at Grünewald's painting school in Stockholm. He also studied in Copenhagen and Chicago. From 1948 he lived and worked in Paris, where he studied at the painting schools of André Lhote and Fernand Léger. He spent the summers in Sweden, where he had a studio in Essvik outside Sundsvall and since 2004 was a permanent resident. (Portrait, Sydsvenskan)

After early paintings in a cubist direction, he developed a colorful and spontaneous figure painting with connections to the COBRA group. With strong brushstrokes in broad strokes, he painted grotesque figures with a strong radiance.

In 1954, Bengt Lindström had his first solo exhibition in Sweden. The international breakthrough came after an exhibition in Paris in 1958.

He used large color shocks in garish colors, often depicting distorted faces.

Bengt Lindström was married to Marie-Louise Lindström and had with her the children Alexandre and Mariana. A few years after his wife's death in the mid-1990s, he married Michèle Lindström, a gallerist from Paris.

Lindström is represented at, among others, the Modern Museum, National Museum, Stockholm in Stockholm, Norrköping Art Museum and Kalmar Art Museum.


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