Christian Koivumaa, a master of watercolors

Christian Koivumaa, en akvarellens mästare

Christian Koivumaa, a master of watercolors

My name is Christian Koivumaa and I am a passionate watercolor painter. Watercolor is a challenging medium in many ways and that's exactly what got me hooked on it.

Before I started with watercolors, I competed in karate. I had a high goal and strived to be the best for over fifteen years. Anyone who has competed at a high level is aware of what it takes to reach their highest goals. After I was forced to end my racing career due to injuries, I started looking for something else to develop in. I tried watercolor for the first time in 2007 and have since tried to develop that art form. Again, I strive to become really good at something and maybe I'll succeed in inspiring people along the way.

/ Christian Koivumaa




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