Karin Holmström

Karin Holmström

Karin Holmström

Karin Holmström born in 1978, raised in Södertälje, now working and living in Stockholm. From an academic background and work in the business and fashion industry at H&M, the passion to create has always been there - like a freedom valve. The majority of art studies and courses in parallel with work have given Holmström a solid foundation to stand on. Nowadays, she works full-time with art. A decision that emerged after her father passed away from cancer, which made her choose to focus on her love of art. Where the creative journey is something very special to explore, at the same time being open to life and what it can contribute. Holmström has, among other things, been represented on TV4, where her paintings have featured in Malou von Siewer's "Malou efter tio".

Through her figurative abstract painting, layer upon layer paintings with multiple dimensions are created. Reflects her experiences from real life, where elegant colors, shapes and light are important. Her pictures open up in a pleasant way for the viewers to search for the answers within themselves. Karin paints in acrylic and

oil, layer on l acts, in search of its unique expression. The motifs often revolve around sensual female figures, animals and nature. It is an ongoing process before the paintings can stand on their own. In recent years, Karin has shown her work at over 20 different exhibitions and she makes annual donations to the Cancer Foundation and the World Wildlife Fund, which are very close to her heart.


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