Louise Hävre's fantastic art world.

Louise Hävres fantastiska konstvärld.

Louise Hävre's fantastic art world.

Born in 1962 in Risinge in northern Östergötland, raised outside Falkenberg.
When my brother died ten years ago, he left me a brush and the gift of painting. He was not a famous artist but had talent. I started painting out of the sadness and I clearly felt that I wanted to, and hopefully was able to, share with people who are having a hard time.

I mostly paint in oil and acrylic in my studio in northern Öland. I work a lot with the feeling and let the image develop by painting layer upon layer and make use of the image that fades out in the painting. The purpose of my art is to reach out and convey above all harmony and joy. My hope is that the viewer will be able to take a journey into the image and be able to see through their own imagination what is happening in the image. I also want the viewer to experience a thrill like a secret in reality.

From those who have viewed my paintings, it has been expressed that they move between the small world of quantum physics and the big universe.

Louise Hävre Art Modern art Linköping

I focus on parts that highlight the message and tone down the rest. My art is more abstract expressionistic, more representational than abstract art usually is. It is difficult to find artists who paint in this genre. Today I also added painting on leaves from banana trees that Tibetan monks have stepped on for three years to get a papyrus leaf. There is a lot of life in these paintings as the structure is a bit uneven.

Text and image, Louise Hävre. See Louise's website here

Art criticism

Art criticism by Hans Janstad

“The light bearer
"Let there be light", that's how it all began according to the Bible. And without darkness there is no light. "From
the darkness we rise towards the light. . .” it is called, for example, in the International. Light is a prerequisite for life.
And light is of course also a prerequisite for art. People talk about the light on Skagen,
for PS Kröyer and his contemporaries like Oscar Björk, the Swede. People talk about the light in Österlen
and on Öland. Always this light.

Louise Hävre, born in Östergötland but as a painter in her studio in northern Öland, knows well the great importance of light and expresses it herself like this:

"A large part of the inspiration comes from the light's shifts in shape and color, contrast and the impact of color".
But there is not only an external, tangible light. But also an inner light. And this is what Louise Hävre is fascinated by. It is a very white, intense light. Almost blinding - like a revelation. Like when the three wise men saw the great star over Bethlehem. And so you read in her CV that she paints in oil, acrylic and encaustic. Encaustic is the ancient Egyptian way of painting with the help of wax, you mainly find this way of painting in early portraits. And since it is about Egypt, it is immediately associated with Akhenaten, he who worshiped the sun, the main drabant of light. And in connection with wax, who does not remember lkaros
whose waxed wings were melted down by the sun.

So the blinding light is not only an asset but also a threat to innovation and art itself. It takes sensitivity, empathy and understanding to master this wonderful medium. Louise Hävre has in her personality a foundation of thoughtfulness and humanity which gives an extra depth to her art. She says that when she got the gift of painting, she "wanted to share it with people who are having a hard time".

She also says:
"Early in life, I discovered a connection and attraction to self-chosen solitude, and I am fascinated by analyzing all sides and components of life. . .” She seeks truth and wisdom, she has an inherent philosophical and contemplative side. These are important basic colors to have on "life's palette" and when you look at paintings like "The Life Way" and "Compromise" you understand her desire to reach out to the viewers and convey "harmony and joy".

The collage technique is also an important part of her artistry. And it is precisely in the collage that there is an overarching opportunity to link different points of view, transitions and bridges. Such as we need in everyday life, between people, between countries, ~fe'rvå:1t everyone's best. So don't say that art is unimportant, that it doesn't matter. Art is necessary and Louise Hävre has emphatically proven nationally and internationally that she defends that thesis."

Hans Janstad
Member of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA)

Art criticism by Melissa Colangelo


We saw some of your wonderful, creative and unique paintings on your personal website, really special artworks and real pieces of art! We appreciate your creative sense of art. Your technique is amazing and your style is only one! We appreciate in particular Many lives many masters because of its lightness and because of your ability to mix colors and shades. So many compliments for all of them."

Melissa Colangelo
Art event coordinator – ArtExpo2016 Milan


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