Robert Hilmersson

Robert Hilmersson

Robert Hilmersson

Robert grew up in Strömstad and lives in Gothenburg. Is one of Sweden's foremost, most established international pop artists. He has had exhibitions in London, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle, Budapest, Gothenburg and Stockholm.

Hilmersson's artistry was brought to life at an exhibition with Andy Warhol in Sydney. Which has inspired him in his interpretation of pop art. His pop art is appreciated internationally, including the fact that Sir Elton John commissioned a portrait depicting himself. Hilmersson executes motifs to order. In his art, Hilmersson explores the big topics – politics, social problems and popular culture.

He treats the areas with humor and subtle titles, to emphasize his message in the paintings. In his art, Hilmersson mixes subjects, cityscapes, graphic design, graffiti, colors and texture where all are important components in his work. The motifs are often taken from the USA, where old cars and signs figure. Which gives a feeling of intensity. Where the pictures depict life around us, where the present and the past meet. An artist in the character of a world citizen.


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