Vladimir Volegov - The Modern Master.

Vladimir Volegov - Den moderne mästaren.

Vladimir Volegov - The Modern Master.

Vladimir Volegov has been creating art since he was a schoolboy growing up in the city of Khabarovsk, Russia in the 1960s. He claims to have started painting at the age of three, and after finishing school, Volegov was admitted to the prestigious "Privoj Rog" art school. After a brief stint in the army, Volegov was admitted to the Lvov Polygraphic Institute, located in what is now Ukraine.

As a struggling young artist, Vladimir designed cassette covers, movie posters and other types of commercial art. Starting in 1984, Volegov began participating in local art competitions. He met with tremendous success in these competitions and with his posters he won many competitions. In the wake of this success, Volegov moved to Moscow, where he hoped to establish himself with his commercial artworks.

This paid off, and Volegov was hugely successful in the commercial artist scene in Moscow. Several reputable publishers sought him out and commissioned works for album covers and movie posters.

In 1990, Volegov decided to fully commit to real art, leaving the commercial art world behind to travel around Europe and earn his living as a street artist by painting portraits of travelers. He painted his way through Spain, Germany and Austria, constantly improving the striking techniques he uses today.

In recent years, he has been inspired by artists such as John Singer Sargent and Joaquin Sorolla. Which reinforced Volegov's style of romantic realism. His romantic style bordering on the sublime has made his paintings sought after both in Russia, Europe and the USA. Volegov's works can be found in only a few selected galleries and private collections in the world.


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