Linköping & Online 29/4 - 28/5

The grand anniversary salon is here and at the gallery in Linköping you can enjoy an exciting mix of no less than 11 of our contemporary artists together with the gems from our exclusive catalog of selected fine art, glass art and sculpture - an opportunity for the art lover and collector to take part of the best we have to offer. A festive event in the name of art that you don't want to miss! We are so looking forward to celebrating with you at the gallery in Linköping where it all began 10 years ago.

In the anniversary salon you will meet the artists Christian Koivumaa, Pernilla P. Stappe, Micke Johansson, Nadine "Nasch" Schjölin, Emilia Linderholm, Amy Krüger, Pierre Rådsten, Angelica Wiik, Tomas Lacke, Robert Hilmersson and Stefan Kavsjö.

In addition, Eric Hjelmberg guides you through some of the gems in the classic collection.


Contemporary artists in the anniversary salon

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Eric Hjelmberg's hidden gems

Follow along as Eric guides you through some of the gems in the classic and modern collection

Eric Hjelmberg's golden nugget

Join our guide Eric through some of the gems in the anniversary salon's catalog with wonderful stories about why the pieces are special and what's behind them!

Sigrid Hjertén - Southern French Landscape

Through this fantastic painting by Sigrid Hjertén, we get to follow in Cézanne's footsteps, where she, most likely, went on a journey of discovery near Mont Sainte-Victoire, which is the mountain that Cézanne constantly returned to in his paintings (some 40 works ). Hjertén has captured the dramatic landscape that is intoned in roaring rhythms. In the same way that van Gogh once captured the earth and space in powerful movements, here Hjertén starts a forest fire of flaming colors. In 'Southern French landscape | Mont Sainte-Victoire', she worked with the diagonal in the painting, something that is clearly highlighted in the brushwork itself. In this way, she achieved a dynamic effect that heightens the tension in the image - she called it "the melody of the work of art". The French landscape became a balm for her soul and a strong feeling for the characteristic of this French landscape with its villages and gentle hills. The connection between Hjertén and Cézanne can be found through her published art critic article in Svenska Dagbladet, where she was the first in Sweden to write about Cézanne and his importance for modern painting.

Bengt Lindström - Ford KA

In this entertaining work, Bengt Lindström has been inspired by the car "Ford KA" with its characteristic round appearance and dark blue color. The painting has a wonderful speed and frenzy through its visualized movement and with everything the car stands for in its symbolism. Freedom, speed and romance take place here. Ford's advertising slogan for the KA model was as follows: "Don't make a blunder [painting in Swedish]. We've already made it. Choose Ford KA 2nd Edition!" The KA 2nd Edition car was only available in 150 numbered pieces and all were equipped with a signed lithograph by Bengt Lindström. By acquiring this original work (lithograph included with purchase) you thus become part of a piece of art & automotive history.

Vladimir Volegov - Rest for a minute

Vladimir Volegov is a modern master of the old school. He has an amazing ability to capture the light on the canvas. With his vibrant color palette and bold strokes, he creates figurative paintings, which are captured in a frozen moment. Volegov's paintings have a timeless feel where classic oil painting is enhanced by the warm romantic Mediterranean sun.

Olle Hjortzberg - Jonas

Jonah and the Whale inspired the artwork Jonas. Hjortzbergs friend Carl Milles often visited the studio and suggested reversing the proportions. A big old man Jonas who is terrified of a symbolically small fish. The work was close to Olle's heart and was in the studio for many years before he let his friend Harry buy the work in 1957.

Botanize in the anniversary salon

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In 2023, Galleri Melefors celebrates that it has been a decade since the gallery opened its doors in Linköping. A decade filled with artists, exhibitions, fairs and of course lots of wonderful works of art. A decade worth celebrating, a decade to stand firm in and look ahead! The jubilee year is in line with how the gallery lives - a belief that art grows in the mix of classical masterpieces in gold frames, contemporary exhibiting artists and wonderful sculptures in glass and bronze.